How to apply for a Visa

If you require a Visa Invitation Letter to travel to France for the ICCR Conference please fill out the visa request form HERE. Please note that you will need to have your hotel room booked and have the confirmation number before you can request a Visa Invitation Letter. Before submitting a request, please check HERE to see if you require a visa to enter France. If you are still unsure whether you require a visa or not, please visit this website and enter the country that issued your passport, and it will tell you if a visa is required for your travel. It will provide the location(s) of the France Embassy or Consulate in your country which you will need to make an appointment with if a visa is required. Please visit this website to find what is required for your visa interview. Note: there are different requirements based on your country of origin so please check with your local France Embassy or Consulate.

Visa Processing Time

As a general planning guideline, if a visa is needed, a foreign traveler should apply for his or her visa as soon as possible, the delay could be varied selon different countries.

Deadline to submit Visa Invitation Letter request

Requests for invitation letters must be received before November 5, 2016. We will send your visa letter to the email you provide on this form. No hard copies will be sent. Visa invitation letters will be issued within 5 - 7 business days after the request has been submitted.